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Booking Process

If you are interested in booking a tattoo, please fill in the form below or email me at


Please include as much information as possible including:

  • a detailed description of what you are looking to get.

  •  relevant reference photos

  • the placement of the tattoo. (Please let me know if the area in question has any scars or imperfections.)

  • an approximate size in inches or centimeters.

  • If you have any preference on dates or days you would like to book for.

Please note:

  • that a non-refundable deposit is payable when booking. A minimum of 72 hours notice must be given in order to move the appointment otherwise, the deposit will be lost.

  • some medications affect tattooing so please let us know prior before and obtain a doctor's letter if necessary.

  • some numbing creams affect the skin. Please consult me if you are considering using one.

To start the booking process fill in the form below

Thanks for submitting!

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