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As a fine artist, I work in many mediums including printmaking, drawing, painting, photography and film. My art practice has always revolved around feminine issues, body modification, and general human behavior.  Having many tattoos and piercings myself, as well as working in a tattoo studio, I have always been fascinated not only in the science of body manipulation but the many reasons for which people decide to change their bodies. The past year I have furthered my investigation into how Modern Western Society often clouds our vision as to what issues are really important and causes us to hold irrational priorities. These irrationalities cover both small topics like body modification with health risks to larger issues such as world politics and war.

I started my tattoo career  apprenticing in InkDivdual Tatto Studio in Aberdeen back in July 2014.  Now as a full-time licensed tattoo artist, I am specializing in custom designs, holding a particular interest in mandala and watercolour tattoos.  Designs and completed tattoos can be seen in the gallery and all queries can be addressed via email or within the studio.







  • Experimental Use of Space (group exhibition organised by Aberdeen Artists) Haddo House, Ellon.


  • Grey Area (Spam Art Collective) Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh.

  • Mind and Memory (group exhibition) Dementia Reseach Centre, Aberdeen. 



  • The First Opening of SPAM (Spam Art Collective) InkDividual Tattoo Studio, Aberdeen. 

  • Gray's School of art Degree Show (BA Hons Exhibition) Gray's school of Art, Aberdeen. See feature here in The Skinny.

  • Contemporary Art Practice - Pre-Degree Show (Group Exhibition) Peacock Visual Arts.

  • Stuffed Gallery (group exhibition) Newave Gallery, Aberdeen.



  • Flux (group exhibition) The Anatomy Rooms, Aberdeen.




  • Marked (group exhibition) InkDividual Tattoo Studio, Aberdeen.




  • In Perspective (group exhibition) Market Street, Ayr.






  • BA Honours - Contemporary Art Practice

      Gray's School of Art

      2013 - 2016

  • Erasmus Plus

      1 semester spent at ArtEZ in Enschede, NL


  • HND - Art and Design

      Ayr College

      2011 - 2013


Tattoo Conventions



  • York International Tattoo Convention

       23rd - 24th June


  • Gdansk Tattoo Convention 

       29th - 30th July